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This year it went like this: a catastrophe that stopped our lives for months, changed our priorities and certainly taught us to appreciate more our normalcy, which we very often despise, taking it for granted.

It is time to turn the page, go back to life and - above all - see us again.

On 11 July we will have an impromptu LFM evening, which was not on the calendar but which many of you have asked us and which we have enthusiastically accepted to do.

Obviously the safety rules that you all know will apply.

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  • Safe meet & greet by LFM
    Safe meet & greet by LFM

    LFM resumes and ends the 2019/2020 Fetish season with this last meeting: WE ARE BACK!

    The appointment is for Saturday 11 July 2020 from 10 pm! Bangalov Milan

    • Dress Code: Leather, Rubber, Skin, Biker, Military, Sport, Lycra, Jeans & Boots, FetishUnderwear -

    Entry to the evening is € 10, including a wardrobe and a freedrink for LFM members.

    We hope many of you will come!

    We remember once again that in the first part of the evening we will take photos and videos open to everyone, in a space of the dedicated room. It is recalled that, by accepting to be filmed, with the tacit consent, the LFM club is authorized to use the material on social networks and on the web, and possibly in posters or videos representative of the club and of the evenings themselves.